Zen Daisy Botanicals

     Aromatherapy helps to strengthen the body systems and assists in the self-healing process of bringing the body back into balance or harmony. Physical symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that some system is out of balance. Our Wellness and Support Blends can help the body in restoring balance and normal function to weak systems. Be sure that you are familiar with the safety precautions of using essential oils. Visit our “Safety Tips” page.

     Proper skin care is essential to achieve and maintain your youthful appearance. Our skin is our largest organ, and quite often we forget to nourish and protect it. We are born with well hydrated, wrinkle free skin. However, as time goes by our skin changes. Our individual genetics, lifestyle, sun exposure history, environmental toxin exposure, and age all play a role in the changes of our youthful, radiant skin. With this knowledge, we have formulated Vitamin infused skincare products to respond to skin stressors that contribute to leading skin concerns such as fine lines, skin pigmentation, redness and irritation.

    We are committed to using only pure ingredients, including natural botanicals, herbs, flower essences, and essential oils.