Creative Arts



Carmen Kelley is an award winning artist, creating mixed media works of art with a primary focus on watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink. Her free spirit and whimsical nature are personified in her work. She likes to play at making art; often creating bold and dramatic designs.

“As a child I enjoyed any occasion to create small works of art as gifts for family and friends. I often embed found objects such as wire, beads, wood, or stones into the pieces to create additional interest. At times I start a painting with a subject in mind. Primarily Southwest Beautywhen painting for a special exhibit that I am participating in. Often I just start painting and wait to see what emerges. When I observe the paint and water join together and dance across the paper or canvas I am reminded of the transformation that takes place all around us. I believe the journey is not about a destination, but about personal evolution. I am inspired by the beauty of nature. The changes in seasons, the germination of a tiny acorn into a beautiful tree, the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly are all symbolic of growth and change much like our journey as soul. With each work of art I strive to invoke within the viewer a sense of beauty and joy.”

tangled fruit 

Carmen is a member of Southwestern Watercolor Society. She has exhibited her works of art in many exhibits throughout Texas. Her work can also be found in numerous private collections in the US, and is part of a special exhibit in the schools of Tanzania, Africa.